Assistant Stage Manager – The Wayward Women

WE THREE’S Remount of

Is seeking an


COMPENSATION: $150 (single sum payment)

TO APPLY: Email resume and/or references to

RESPONSIBILITIES – All responsibilities are the purview of the Stage Manager. The Assistant Stage Manager will handle or assist in the duties below by mutual agreement and under the supervision of the Stage Manager.

  1. Facilitating communication between the Producer, Actors, and Designers whenever necessary.
  2. Managing all Rehearsals (excepting those excluded by an approved absence), ensuring that such Rehearsals run smoothly and productively, and stay reasonably within the confines of their respective schedules.
  3. “Holding book,” and prompting Actors of their lines whenever requested.
  4. Taking line notes to ensure accurate memorization.
  5. Maintaining a log of blocking for the Actors, only when requested. (We Three productions tend to have very organic blocking, and such logs are rarely demanding)
  6. Managing all Performances, ensuring that such Performances run smoothly and productively, and stay reasonably within the confines of their respective schedules.
  7. Operation of the Production’s lighting and sound equipment during Tech Rehearsals, Dress Rehearsals, and Performances. (The Wayward Women is a traditional-style Elizabethan show, and thus has relatively simple light/sound demands)
  8. Supervision and light/reasonable maintenance of the Production’s costumes, masks, and props.
  9. Front-of-house Supervision: Managing audience access to The Venue for performances.
  10. Attendance and supervision at Strike: ensuring that the Production’s properties and set pieces are properly disassembled and removed, that all costumes are returned to their respective destinations, and that all other properties of the Production are removed from the Venue.

VENUE: Chase Park Theater 4701 N Ashland Ave.


The Wayward Women is being performed in rep with The Passion of Boudicca. As such, the listed rehearsal dates will be shared between these two productions. Neither show will rehearse more than four times per week.
Rehearsal Start: August 8
TECH: September 2 – 5
OPENING: September 7
Monday through Thursday Rehearsals: 6:30pm to 9:30pm
Saturday Rehearsals: 11:00am to 2:00pm. Saturday rehearsals will focus on stage combat. The exact hours may be altered to suit the needs of the venue, fight director, and combat ensemble.
PERFORMANCES: 6:00pm call, 7:30pm Curtain
Sept 10 – 5:00pm
Sept 15 – 7:30pm
Sept 17 – 5:00pm
Sept 23 – 7:30pm
Sept 24 – 5:00pm
Sept 28 – 7:30pm
Oct 1 – 5:00pm

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