Coming Soon

August: Twelfth Night. I’ll be playing everyone’s favorite coward: Sir Andrew Aguecheek! He’s trying his best.

September: Julius Caesar. Beware the Ides of September when this crowd-pleasing politico-philosophical drama thrusts its way between the ribs of the proletariat!

December: MacBeth 10th Anniversary Special. Please join the Unrehearsed Shakespeare Company as we celebrate our tenth anniversary with the show that started it all!

Spring, 2020: The Wayward War. Odd’s Bodkins will debut The Wayward War as part of its ’19-’20 season. A prequel to The Wayward Women, Wayward War tells the story of the Duchess Penti Celia’s ascension through civil war.

The Passion of Boudicca, 2017 Premier

Summer, 2020: The Passion of Boudicca. We Three is remounting the story of the ancient British queen and her rebellion against the invading Roman Empire. Coming to Chicago in August.



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