Coming Soon

OctoberRomeo & Juliet. Unrehearsed Shakespeare closes its 2018 season with the famous Tragedy of bad decisions and stubborn self-righteousness. October 16 & 24 at 7:30pm. Free Admission!

November: Five Robots Working That Hustle. My jaunty little parable about Neo-Puritanism’s destruction of all life returns! This time, it’ll be part of Otherworld Theatre’s annual PARAGON play festival!

November: Starlight Radio Dreams. I’ll be joining Starlight Radio Dreams as a guest performer, and you can bet I am (and will be) thankful for that. Since I was twelve, people have been telling me I have a face for radio, and it’s time to make that dream a reality!

Hamlet (date TBA). The Thespis Project and We Three join forces to present a five-actor minimalist Hamlet, focusing on natural delivery.

December: Werewolf. We Three does a workshop production of a play about market capitalism’s power over escapism and action. Also werewolves.

January: Twelfth Night. Unrehearsed Shakespeare opens its Tenth Season with our annual Twelfth Night! Who will play whom, and what wackiness might ensue? Stay tuned for our season announcement!


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