4 psychic kids:
Billy Rama (normy). Healer. Calms people and evil with music. Billy wants everyone to get along, but his pleas for peace are often overridden.
Athena Jones (jock/combat). De facto leader. Always chooses violence. Rich kid.
Nerd (tech)
Hippie (animals)

Pokey: accelerated evolution, Frankensteining animals

Mayor: making human sacrifices for power (dragon? Or just a person)

Chief of Police: tries to beat up kids (before or after Mayor?)


Invasive species: story starts with kids protesting hunting of an invasive species, not realizing at its presence is damaging local wildlife

Invasive Dimension: Reality is spherical, just one of billions of realities. When realities are pressed against each other, “holes” or weaknesses can appear in certain spots (similar to hole in o-zone). ‘Invading force’ is actually several entities, competing to seize resources from the Earth.

Buzz-Buzz/Navi (incompetent and/or insulting?)

Kids explore caves

Noble Eightfold Path
Right View
Right Resolve
Right Speech
Right Conduct
Right Livelihood
Right Effort
Right Mindfulness
Right Samadhi (meditative absorption/union)

CH 1: Proper intro describing the town. Kids are poking around in a cave they discovered during a beetle-counting field trip. They happen upon a strange animal (?) and decide to share it as a pet, but soon

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