Company: The Right Brain Project
Role: Kokol (Singer)
Director: Nathan Robbel

“Robbel has established a clear vision, which the large cast wholly commits to. Wherever your eye wanders watching this play, there is some untold back story unfolding — clearly the actors have established personal monologues for their relationships with the other inmates.” – Robert Bullen
“The large ensemble constitutes brilliant bits three through 30.” – Tony Adler
“This committed cast magnificently sings, gropes and acts like loonies playing actors playing revolutionaries.” – Katy Walsh
“Robbel has rightly cast solid vocalists and strong instrumentalists and they shine… And the ensemble itself is a huge, moving, breathing, moaning unit.” – AWG:Chicago
“The cast’s renditions of the play’s numerous Brecht-like songs are lovely.” – Kris Vire

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