The Wayward Women (MKE Premier)

Company: TheaterRED
Venue: Alchemist Theatre
Position: Playwright, verse consultant

Photos & Video: Traveling Lemur Productions

“This cast is remarkable in clarity and diction. I understood every syllable. This is vital in a play of this quality. Every character is a show alone. The plot is a Shakespearean twist that alludes to so many plays and it’s a delight to hear it if you’ve done your homework. It’s a marvelous play… indefatigable in eloquence. In the beginning, I was wondering which bard this was. I realized the truth and it made me laugh. What a gifted and utterly unique writer.” – Bill Jackson
“Wayward Women was an amazing show… intricate, yet accessible, and my cheeks hurt from laughing afterwards.” – Natasha Mortazavi

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