Illustration Commissions

  1. Kennel Master (conventional, European-style fantasy novel; originally inspired by the Ice & Fire novels, but now skewing in a far more PG direction)
    1. Streamlined Character Sketches [3]
    2. Simplified Historical Portraits (styled after early and late medieval-style portraiture) [20] [or 12 in early medieval style, 8 in late medieval style]
    3. Animal sketches (styled after 18th-century pseudo-scientific and travelogue sketches) [7]
    4. Landscapes (typical medieval-style fantasy illustrations) [5]
    5. Costume-Sketches (random, NPC-style illustrations with a focus on clothing worn) [12]
  2. Most Precious Blood Academy (Anime-inspired novel, essentially Sailor Moon with vampires)
    1. Streamlined Character Sketches [5]
    2. Novel-Cover design (Character illustration, with a detailed background featuring several other iterations of said character) [1]
  3. Somebody (Light-ish comedy novel with strong cosmic-horror elements, chiefly inspired by Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
    1. Streamlined Character Sketches [6]
  4. Orvi and the Seven Spirits (conventional, Arabian-style fantasy novel, chiefly inspired by Avatar the Last Airbender)
    1. Streamlined Character Sketches [5]
    2. Semi-complex Character Sketches (illustrations of spirits/supernatural beings with animal characteristics/inspirations) [8]
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