The Skywalker Cycle

Company: EDGE Theatre
Position: Playwright

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“Let Hammers fall upon that edifice
Of treachery, or else we’ll pick the cracks
With our own nails until the Veil of Evil,
Which braves itself a mountain, falls. Today,
Tomorrow, in another life, or Now,
That edifice must fall. Then why not Now?
Now, do not submit to quiv’ring fear, nor to
The grave indifference of a poor Life
Accustomed to yokes and lashes. Now,
A shooting star extinguish’d in a moment
Is all the greater for its brilliance
Than endless glimmers that slowly lose their Hope,
There smother’d out by an Oppressor’s hand.
Then fire thy greatness out, that ev’ry World
Shall see and mark your purpose, ev’ry Eye
Shall wonder at your passion, ev’ry Ear
Shall marvail at your destiny. Fly up,
Fly out, and let our cause conjoin’d sing out
A eulogy to make the angels weep
In deference to our designs and rights.
Now, shake all skies with great divined might.”

-Act 2, Scene 8

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