We Three


Costumes: Kat Anderson
Lights: Benjamin Dionysus
Fight Director: Lana Whittington
Assistant Fight Director: Kate Lass
Photos: iNDie Grant Productions
“Exhilarating and inspiring historical fiction!” – Mark Anthony Child
“A shout out… to playwright/director Jared McDaris, for hoodwinking me completely into thinking I was watching the genuine article, a “forgotten” Elizabethan play that had escaped my attention all these years.” – Herb Metzler

THE WAYWARD WOMEN (September – October, 2017)

Original Costumes: Delena Bradley
Remount Costumes/Adjustments: Meagan Beattie
Lights: Benjamin Dionysus
Choreography: Sarah Liz Bell
Fight Director: Kate Lass
Photos: iNDie Grant Productions


Costumes: Delena Bradley
Lights: Benjamin Dionysus
Composer “The Fairy Queen“: Arne Parrott
Choreography “The Fairy Queen“: Sarah Liz Bell
Fight Director: Orion Couling
Photos: iNDie Grant Productions
“GO SEE THIS PLAY!! Gorgeous writing and truly exceptional acting. Mary Kate Arnold brings the  countess fully to life, imbuing her with a humanity and beauty that  makes her actions all the more believable and horrifying. A wonderful evening at the theater!” – Laura S.
“McDaris’ script is not only exquisitely paced and structured, but it is incredibly intelligent as well.” – Alyson Grauer
“Dark subject matter handled deftly, surprising moments of humor and pathos… it was very pleasant to hear non-Shakespearean verse that was just as passionate and fiery as the Bard’s.” – Jeremiah Barr
“And, of course, the play would be nothing without the expertly crafted writing.” – Stephanie Plus Verb
“Ladies and gentlemen, you have to see the show! But you might wanna leave the kiddies at home. It is brutal, intense, tension so thick you could cut it with a knife (might take a couple passes even). One HELL of a show!” – Dylan Crow, audience
“While the countess, Mary Kate, is freaking terrifying, the show is amazing.” – Bennett Decker Bottero
“One hell of a show… It is not very often you can see a bold performance like that even in the place like Chicago.” – Artur Michalowicz

THE WAYWARD WOMEN (March – April, 2016)

Costumes: Delena Bradley
Lights: Benjamin Dionysus
Choreography: Sarah Liz Bell
Fight Director: Justin Verstraete
Guest Fight Director, “The Duel”: Orion Couling
Photos: iNDie Grant Productions
“I was astounded this wasn’t an actual Shakespeare play that I somehow missed- [McDaris] displays such a talent for writing dialogue that I will endeavor to see any play he’s written… I cannot recommend this show enough… It is original, playful, hilarious, and you can tell that every single person involved in this production put everything they had into it… A solid 4 of 4 stars.” – Patrick Bushnell


Costumes: Delena Bradley
Lights & Masks: Benjamin Dionysus
Music: Trevor Watkin
Choreography: Lily Jean
Fight Director: Zack Meyer
Photos: iNDie Grant Productions
We had an awesome time!! Brava/Bravo to all the actors, playwright, and production team! I love seeing theatre that leaves you energized at the end.” – Emily Brantz
Such a great show! Laughed a lot, booed, cheered, hissed, clapped, all sorts of good feels.” – Peter Hammer

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