Twelfth Night ’19 (Unrehearsed)

Company: The Unrehearsed Shakespeare Company
Venue: Stage 773 / TBA
Position: Director

Promotional Art: The Monster Ghost
: iNDie Grant Productions

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Robbie Bersano
Erin Caswell (15th):
Bill Daniel (7th):
Ted Dayton:
Nathan Ducker (7th):
Sarah Franzel (15th):
Jessica Goforth (7th):
Sarah Hazel:
Kevin Johnson (7th):
Kate Lass (7th):
Jared McDaris (15th):
Izis Mollinedo (7th):
Kamron Palmer (7th):
Danny Pancratz:
Kaelea Rovinsky (7th):
Sarah Jean Tilford (15th):
Lisa Tosti-Sauro (15th):
JD Whigham (15th):
Lana Whittington (15th):

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