King John (Unrehearsed)

Company: The Unrehearsed Shakespeare Company
Venue: Atlantic Bar & Grill
Position: Director

Photos: iNDie Grant Productions
Complete Photo Set can be found on Unrehearsed Shakespeare’s Facebook Page.

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Charlie Baker: King John (17th)
Erin Caswell: Eleanor (10th)
Bill Daniel: Richard of Cordelion (10th)
Ted Dayton: Pembroke (10th & 17th)
Nathan Ducker: Dauphin Lewis (10th & 17th)
Christopher Elst: King of France (17th)
Sarah Franzel: French Herald (10th), Chatillion (17th), Asst Director
JJ Gatesman: Hubert (17th)
Jessica Goforth: Constance (10th & 17th)
Gilly Guire: Pandulph (10th)
Sarah Anne Hazel: Eleanor (17th)
Kevin Johnson: Hubert (10th)
Keyanna Khatiblou: Salsbury (17th)
Kate Lass: Arthur (10th & 17th)
Jared McDaris: Austria (10th & 17th)
Izis Mollinedo: Pandulph (17th)
Kamron Palmer: King of France (10th)
Kaelea Rovinsky: Richard of Cordelion (17th)
Lisa Tosti-Sauro: King John (10th)
Cal Walker: Chatillion (10th)
JD Whigham: Salsbury (10th)
Lana Whittington: Blanche (10th & 17th)

PROMPTERS: Kaelea Rovinsky (10th) | Sarah Jean Tilford (17th)
VIOLENCE: Lana Whittington
DIRECTOR: Jared McDaris

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