The Passion of Boudicca (World Premier)

Company: We Three
Venue: Chase Park Theater
Position: Director

Costumes: Kat Anderson
Lighting: Benjamin Dionysus
: iNDie Grant Productions, LLC

“Exhilarating and inspiring historical fiction!” – Mark Anthony Child
“A shout out… to playwright/director Jared McDaris, for hoodwinking me completely into thinking I was watching the genuine article, a “forgotten” Elizabethan play that had escaped my attention all these years.” – Herb Metzler
Queen Boudicca: Jessica Goforth
Princess Maeve: Katy Jenkins
Princess Brigid: Sarah Jean Tilford
Beatrice: Danielle Mohrbach
Paulinus: Joshua Carroll
Catus: JD Whigham
Cassio Dion: Nathan Ducker
Tacit: Charlie Baker
Scyllia: Kaelea Rovinsky
Ester: Gilly Guire
Helio: Kamron Palmer
Modred the Clown: Allison Sokolowski
Kate Lass, Lana Whittington, Kevin Johnson, Sarah Liz Bell, Sabrina Harms, Ian Maryfield

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Poster Art by Joan Varitek

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