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Starlight Radio Dreams

I’ll be joining Starlight Radio Dreams as a guest performer in their August 2018 show! You can check out my goofy audio sample here, for some funny voices.

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King Saul Pt 1: Casual Reading

This Sunday! We’ll be doing a casual reading of King Saul Part 1, my first “mature” verse play! It’s time to find out if I’ve grown at all as a writer over the last seven years! ‘KING SAUL PART I: … Continue reading

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Twelfth Night Photos: Night 2

Photos from our second performance of Twelfth Night are up! See more here! All photos courtesy of iNDie Grant Productions.

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Twelfth Night Photos: Night 1

Photos from our first performance of Twelfth Night are up! See more here! All photos courtesy of iNDie Grant Productions.

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Joan of Arc in January (and February)

January – February: Joan of Arc. Abaisses Theatre debuts with a world premier of Alexandra Renieri’s Joan of Arc at RhinoFest. I’ll be performing as Bishop Pierre Cauchon, the enormously corrupt judge. Prop Theatre, 3502 N Elston Ave Thursdays, January … Continue reading

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2017: Year in Theater

It’s been a great year!

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Twelfth Night ’18

Twelfth Night rides again! You can come see us this January 10th and 17th at the Atlantic Bar & Grill, 5062 N Lincoln Ave. $5 at the door. Stick around for the announcement of our 2018 season immediately after each show! … Continue reading

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Self-revelations through Steampunk Christmas Carol

Tonight I learned something about myself through Steampunk Christmas Carol. Scrooge likes to play with words. For the first four scenes, he turns people’s word-use back on them, either literalizing what they say or using their words in another fashion, … Continue reading

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Oh Bloody Period: Invictus Theatre’s Othello Lacks a Foundation in Language

In their inaugural production of Othello, Invictus Theatre invites us to consider the themes of racism and sexism, both external and internalized, which they hasten to remind us are still relevant today. These elements seem slightly whitewashed, however, in a … Continue reading

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Coriolanus Photos!

Unrehearsed Shakespeare closed our 2017 season with Coriolanus. Check out more photos here.

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