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Three Princesses: Chapter 5

CHAPTER FIVE             She smelled flowers long before she could open her eyes. The entire world was throbbing in pain around her, and the light battering against her eyelids was hungry to worsen it. So she let the glue on … Continue reading

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Three Princesses: Chapter 4

CHAPTER FOUR             The courtroom was alive with chatter, as it had been for two hours. Pearl and Arjallia enjoyed a place at the front of the balcony, Pearl’s new guards standing beside and behind them, yet the people would … Continue reading

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Three Princesses: Chapter 3

CHAPTER THREE The Grand Palace was indefensible, but its battlements were breathtaking. The balconies of the Old Palace, only three floors up, were enough to make her head swim. Each of the five stories of the Grand Palace was nearly … Continue reading

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Three Princesses: Chapter 2

CHAPTER TWO “All young ladies want to ride their horses,” Olinthess answered patiently, “but all young ladies must also study how to better themselves for the good of the nation.” “Imrell rides her horse three hours a day,” Arjallia complained, … Continue reading

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Three Princesses: Chapter 1

Chapter 1 of a short story based on Atla, the fantasy world setting of The Kennel Master. This tells the story of the New Orckid Empire, taking place about thirteen-hundred years before The Kennel Master. Three Princesses CHAPTER ONE             … Continue reading

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SF Olympians 11: Folk Remix

I’ll soon be taking part in the 11th annual San Francisco Olympians Festival. San Francisco-based playwrights (and a few national playwrights) will be writing new works inspired by mythological figures. This year’s topic is folktales, and I’ll be penning a … Continue reading

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Odd’s Bodkins’ Twelfth Night

Odd’s Bodkins presents: Twelfth Night! I’ll be appearing as everyone’s favorite coward: Sir Andrew Aguecheek.

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Julius Caesar Unrehearsed

Beware the Ides of September! JULIUS CAESAR, Unrehearsed September 16 & 23, 7:30pm Carbon Arc, 4620 N Lincoln Ave Pay What You Will Promotional Art by Kaelea Rovinsky

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Boudicca Returns: August 2020

We’ve got the receipts! The Passion of Boudicca returns to Chicago in August of 2020!

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The Passion of Boudicca: Casual Reading

We’re hoping to remount The Passion of Boudicca in early 2020, so we’ll be reexamining that script in June. We’ll hopefully make some improvements before prepping it for the new year.

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