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SF Olympians 11: Folk Remix

I’ll soon be taking part in the 11th annual San Francisco Olympians Festival. San Francisco-based playwrights (and a few national playwrights) will be writing new works inspired by mythological figures. This year’s topic is folktales, and I’ll be penning a … Continue reading

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Odd’s Bodkins’ Twelfth Night

Odd’s Bodkins presents: Twelfth Night! I’ll be appearing as everyone’s favorite coward: Sir Andrew Aguecheek.

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Julius Caesar Unrehearsed

Beware the Ides of September! JULIUS CAESAR, Unrehearsed September 16 & 23, 7:30pm Carbon Arc, 4620 N Lincoln Ave Pay What You Will Promotional Art by Kaelea Rovinsky

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Boudicca Returns: August 2020

We’ve got the receipts! The Passion of Boudicca returns to Chicago in August of 2020!

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The Passion of Boudicca: Casual Reading

We’re hoping to remount The Passion of Boudicca in early 2020, so we’ll be reexamining that script in June. We’ll hopefully make some improvements before prepping it for the new year.

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Unrehearsed Double Feature!

Unrehearsed Shakespeare is back at it with Comedy of Errors and Timon of Athens. We’ve performed Comedy of Errors in many places: Elgin, Milwaukee, even on a boat, but never before as the show been on Chicago’s terra firma! COMEDY … Continue reading

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Richard IV, Casual Reading

Richard IV is back! And he’s more conciliatory than ever! A bunch of theater kids are doin’ a casual read of my newest verse script this coming Sunday. PRINCIPAL CAST Ambassador of Spain: Chris Sylvie Ambassador of Rome: Jennifer Bradley … Continue reading

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The Virtue of Beauty: Promethean Theatre Ensemble Takes Wilde’s Side with Gross Indecency

Promethean Theatre Ensemble has breathed new life into Gross Indecency: telling the story of a man oppressed and abused for being himself, while simultaneously reviving the notion of art as free from the strictures of morality. This is a fascinating … Continue reading

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What in a Name’s That Which We Call a Rose?

“What’s in a Name? That which we call a Rose, By any other name would smell as sweet. So Romeo would, were he not Romeo called.” It’s one of the most famous lines in the English-speaking world, and a pretty … Continue reading

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Act 5 Fest Presents Romeo & Juliet

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