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Oh Bloody Period: Invictus Theatre’s Othello Lacks a Foundation in Language

In their inaugural production of Othello, Invictus Theatre invites us to consider the themes of racism and sexism, both external and internalized, which they hasten to remind us are still relevant today. These elements seem slightly whitewashed, however, in a … Continue reading

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Coriolanus Photos!

Unrehearsed Shakespeare closed our 2017 season with Coriolanus. Check out more photos here.

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The Hour of the Hobbit

My li’l Hobbit script is getting revived up at Kettle Moraine High School in Wisconsin. More little heroes playin’ little heroes!

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This is a Ramble. Read at your own risk. Getting off-book is a problem for many actors. There are many excuses, but the truth is I don’t actually hear that many excuses nowadays. A while back, Facebook saw a rise … Continue reading

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St. Crispin’s Day: Bathory, Hapsbergs, Hamlet, Prince Caspian, and Henry V

It’s St. Crispin’s Day! Below is a reprint of a blog I wrote about Countess Bathory, last year. Among other things, it details Crispin’s Day’s influence on the creation of the play. ********** Act 2, Scene 2 of¬†Countess Bathory¬†is the … Continue reading

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The Cast of Steampunk Christmas Carol 2017

Behold! The Cast of Steampunk Christmas Carol!

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Coriolanus Unrehearsed!

Buy your tickets here! We close our seventh season with Coriolanus, the Roman tragedy that pits elitism against ignorance. Hero of the patricians and blight to the plebeians, Caius Martius has been instrumental in Rome’s military victories, particularly those with … Continue reading

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Boudicca Photos!

Photos from The Passion of Boudicca are in! You can see them all right here!

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Wayward Women Photos

Photos from The Wayward Women are in! You can see them all right here!

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Let Women War!

“The Wayward Women” and “The Passion of Boudicca” run through October 1st.

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