Top 10 Favorite Harry Potter Characters

Because I can.

10. Horace Slughorn. Just fun to observe in-book, barely edging out Gilderoy Lockheart.

09. Professor McGonagall. Gains major points in Book 5, but consistently salty throughout.

08. Phineas Nigellus Black. Love-to-hate without hating too much.

07. Griphook. Clever and consistent, sticks to his guns. Doesn’t make whiny excuses for his actions like Harry.

06. Ron Weasley. Overshadowed without being too underdog-preachy.

05. Fred & George. No justification required.

04. Hermione Granger. Book deliberately tries to make her unlikable with consistently sexist descriptions (“shrill” again and again and again). Likable for obvious reasons.

03. Remus Lupin. Loses major points in last book for being a selfish drama-king.

02. Dumbledore. I relate to smart people. Sue me.

01. Luna Lovegood. Book makes her slightly more obnoxious and therefore more human and relateable. Major props to anyone who elects to live in their own world.

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