Upon Her Wyrm Cadaver

Mystery Card Writings, #2

Imperious she flies upon the Sea,
In ragged seaweed, shining majesty,
Her trident ever upward to the Sky,
Proclaiming she of gracious greatness, Aye,
Determining her gracious greatness High.

The pallid serpent in her ankles gript
Will carry her upon the grimy Ocean,
To fro and froth and foe it chariots her will,
To glowing lily pads and frigid corpses
That adorn her high majestic halls,
Who drive her onward in her mission,
Whose anguished cries arouse her,
And sop her in her mission.

Upon her Wyrm Cadaver she campaigns,
And with her stolen sunlight burns their smiles away,
And with the pillaged stars upon her diadem
She draws the dews from out the sulfurous bogs,
To separate the sweet and foul for her,
To keep the foul for others, not for her.

That Tritoness still haunts the turgid Seas
And draws from mortal corpses all her great desires
And planting corpses in those corpses,
Flowers forth their pungent rattles,
To pluck the pearly teeth from their dead smiles,
To deck her crown with all of their dead smiles.

Upon Her Wyrm Cadaver, imperious she flies,
Her murderous smile enduing cheerful death,
That all may shine to fall beneath her crest,
And weep at the departure of her departure,
Weep that they were always one among the rest.


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