The Pall of Medusa: Staged Reading at Greenhouse Theater

Hey gang!

A staged reading of my newest verse play, The Pall of Medusa, is comin’ up at Greenhouse Theater on Wednesday, February 13. Celebrate the season of love by listening to a story about betrayal, mistrust, and environmental destruction!

Poster art by The Monster Ghost

King Autesion: Christopher Elst
Queen Hero: Sarah Jean Tilford
Lord Martius, a general: Elizabeth McAnulty Quilter
Lord Ferro, a general: Ally Cross
Lord Percival, a general: Nathan Ducker
Amphion & Zethus, petty Lords: Christie Coran & Lisa Tosti-Sauro
The King’s Steward: Ted Dayton
Gaius, a Corinthian Soldier: Joshua Carroll
Cherub, a foreign Merchant: Bill Daniel
Adrian, a Corinthian Citizen: Ted Dayton
Kate, a Corinthian Barmaid: Gilly Guire
Medusa, a Gorgon: Kaelea Rovinsky
Euryale, a Gorgon: Jessica Goforth
Sthenna, a Gorgon: Kate Lass

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It’s here! Season 3, Episode 11 of Starlight Radio Dreams: “+2 Spear of Shaking”

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Twelfth Night ’19

Our 7th annual Twelfth Night is right around the corner!

TWELFTH NIGHT, Unrehearsed
Jan 7 & 15, 7:30pm
Atlantic Bar & Grill, 5062 N Lincoln Ave
Pay What You Will

Twelfth Night Tarot art by TheMonsterGhost

Feste: The Fool

Malvolio: The Hanged Man


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Starlight Radio Dreams: Olympic Shore S2E3: “Golden Baby Showers”

Yes, you read that title correctly. I got to guest star as a creepy Pan (with faint undertones of the Midnight Bomber What Bombs at Midnight), as well as a TV hero, last month with Starlight Radio Dreams. You can listen right here, or check it out on their website!

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2018 in Theater

It was a bit of a rebuilding year for ol’ Jared, but I still managed to have a lot of fun and art a lot of art.

January: Twelfth Night (Director)
January – February: Joan of Arc (Actor: Cauchon)
February: Casual reading of King Saul, Pt 1
March: Casual reading of Werewolf
March: Casual reading of King Saul, Pt 2
April: Two Gentlemen of Verona (Director)
May: The Tragedy of Tom Riddle (Actor: Peter)
May: Skootch Tap presents – Scotch Tape!: The Wayward Women (Director)
June: Unrehearsed Shakespeare Master Class (Instructor)
June: Five Robots Working That Hustle! (Writer/Director)
July: Casual reading of The Pretension of Richard IV
July: King John (Director/Actor: Austria)
August: This Prison Where I Live (Actor: Edwin Booth)
October: Romeo & Juliet (Director)
November: Paragon Play Festival – 5 Robots Working That Hustle (Writer)
November: Steampunk Christmas Carol ’19, New Zealand premier (Writer)
November: Starlight Radio Dreams! (Guest performer)

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Starlight Radio Dreams: NPC S1E7 – “Wyatt, Why Not?”

OMSquee y’all, I got to guest star on the season finale of NPC with Starlight Radio Dreams. You can hear me truly using my voice to its best effect right here!

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Steampunk Christmas Carol in New Zealand

Behold! The (enormous) cast of Steampunk Christmas Carol ’18 in Nelson, New Zealand!


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Twelfth Night ’19

Howdy Friends!

Coming soon: Unrehearsed’s tenth season opens with our seventh annual Twelfth Night!

So many numbers!

Coming your way January 7 and 15.

Stay tuned for updates!

Promotional Art by The Monster Ghost

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Starlight Radio Dreams

Starlight Radio Dreams is comin’ up! I’ve got a face for radio, and it’s time to embrace my destiny!

November 27 & 30
Mrs. Murphy & Sons Irish Bistro
3905 N Lincoln Ave
Get your tix here!

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5 Robots is Back!

Five Robots Working That Hustle is getting its sophomore performance, as part of Otherworld Theatre’s PARAGON play festival!

ALPHA – Matthew Holmes
BETA – Lauren Kincaid
DELTA – Kaelea Rovinsky
GAMMA – Miquela A. Cruz
OMEGA – Marshall D. Kious

While you’re here, check out these sweet photos from the debut production.

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