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July: Richard II. Shakespeare’s classic history of a weak, thin-skinned monarch teaches us about empathy, power, and pragmatism’s dominion over emotion.

July: The Wayward Women. Milwaukee’s TheaterRED stages the sophomore production of The Wayward Women. Love, lies, and fisticuffs abound in this new Elizabethan comedy.

September: The Passion of Boudicca and The Wayward Women, in rep. We Three returns to premier the epic tragedy of the Queen of the Britons, pared with the remount of a personal favorite. The Passion of Boudicca and The Wayward Women are coming your way this September.

October: Coriolanus. Unrehearsedcloses its seventh season in Chicago with Coriolanus, the Roman tragedy that pits elitism against ignorance.

December: Steampunk Christmas Carol. Tinker Tim, Barb Ratchet, and the swash-buckling Ghost of Christmas Present return in EDGE Theatre’s annual Steampunk Christmas Carol.

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