The Wayward War: Casual Reading

The Wayward War is finally finished!

“A new Elizabethan History. A prequel to The Wayward Women, The Wayward War tells the story of Penti Celia’s ascension as Duchess of Amosa. Celia’s mother, Penti Marria, reveals before her death that her bastard daughter Nolia has an equal right to the throne of Amosa. Suddenly torn apart by differing ideals, the sisters cannot rule together, nor will either submit to the other’s reign. Allies are set against each other, and friends are forced to watch friends die in a match of freedom against order.”

We’re having a casual reading this Saturday.

Dame Grendela: Alexandra Boroff
Dame Anu: Sarah Liz Bell
Dotara the Magistress: Kaelea Rovinsky
Celia (later Penti Celia): Maya Schultz
Nolia (later Penti Nolia): Sarah Jean Tilford
The Duchess Penti Marria: Jessica Goforth
Dame Valion: Amy Harmon
Dame Estrey: Kendra Verhage
Aquiline, called Quill: Gilly Guire
Eppeniil, called Pinne: Katy Jenkins
Igglet: Lana Whittington
Henwith, called Hen: Kate Lass
Bonny Harry the taverner: TBA

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