Self-revelations through Steampunk Christmas Carol

Tonight I learned something about myself through Steampunk Christmas Carol.

Scrooge likes to play with words. For the first four scenes, he turns people’s word-use back on them, either literalizing what they say or using their words in another fashion, presumably to amuse himself in his isolation. Similarly, young Ebenezer demonstrates verbal acuity by easily outwitting Mad Madam Fizzlewig and her trick questions.

But young Scrooge says to Clarity “Marley says he needs a partner. He said this to me.” And Clarity says “I need a partner, Ebenezer.” And young Scrooge says “I mean a business partner, you silly girl.” And Clarity says “I know what you mean, Ebenezer.”

So the one time in his life that Scrooge actually needed his verbal acuity, it wasn’t there for him.

That, more than anything, I think, is an example of unintentional autobiography in one of my plays.

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