This Prison Where I Live

“One cannot imagine a finer portrayal of Edwin Booth than the one given by Chicago actor and playwright Jared McDaris. He manages to hold the audience’s attention throughout the play. McDaris’s mercurial moods as Edwin Booth provide an effective emotional flow that carries throughout this unique piece of theater.” – Anne Siegel, TotalTheater
“McDaris exudes all the spellbinding conviction of a renowned thespian, while simultaneously crumbling within the confines of Edwin’s mental and emotional distress.” – Kelsey Lawler, Broadway World
“Jared McDaris deftly wields precision and perfection in his portrayal of the brother haunted by the ghost of an assassin. … relentless focus tempered by passion.” – Russ Bickerstaff, The Small Stage
“This small cast is truly without flaw… McDaris is tempered with his delivery. He brings Edwin’s naturalistic style to the interpretation of the reserved character, which elaborates the desperation as Edwin descends into madness.” – Kimberly Laberge, The Drama Den
“McDaris gives a remarkable performance as Edwin.” – Marilyn Jozwik, Wisconsin Theater Spotlight
“Stellar acting.” – Harry Cherkinian, Shepherd Express
“Please please PLEASE SEE this show—it was some of the best theater I’ve seen in my life” – Kira Renkas, Aura Theatre Collective

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